Daily Devotions for Book of Revelation

Be inspired each day by reading the Daily Devotional in the Book of Revelation presented by Pastor Larry King. This is a current devotional series going on and the website will be updated once a week with the latest teachings.

Now a note from Pastor Larry: Thank you for joining us for our Daily Devotional. I am really looking forward to what God is going to do in your hearts in these next few days, weeks and maybe even months through this study. In Him Larry

Book of Revelation

  • Introduction to Revelation

    As we start our study of the book of Revelation it is my privilege to teach this. I have taught this book the most of any book of the bible, as it was the first book I taught in our church. I looked at my notes this week from the first time I taught which were dated April 1 2007. Now we are still here on earth, and we will teach again this wonderful book that has a promise of a blessing in it. You and I will be blessed to study this book as God’s Holy Spirit has promised. Considering the current news that is going on in the middle east I think we are seeing prophecy unveiled. The meaning of the word Revelation is just that an unveiling. It comes from the Greek word "apocalypse” or as the Greek would say it Apocalupsis. What this book unveils is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Not only do we find the antichrist, God’s judgment on Earth, mystery Babylon, the Tribulation period and the new Earth coming but most important this book reveals Jesus Christ-that is what Revelation is all about. If we will keep this in mind, then we will understand the book better-look for Jesus in it all. The year was A.D. 95. Domitian had just ascended to the throne of Rome replacing Caesar Nero. Domitian was a crazy evil ruler, wanting everyone to bow to him as Lord and god which the Christians refused to do- that launched a second wave of persecution against the Christians and this included the Apostle John. He was said to have been boiled in oil but did not die. They decided to exile him to the deserted island of Patmos to die. John the Apostle is the writer and is given the information from angels, from an Elder but mostly from Jesus Christ Himself. He uses symbolism as he expresses the things that he is told or shown. It reveals the things of the future in a way that only a Christian led by the Holy Spirit will understand. The book was written to seven different churches but is written to any Christian. Paul wrote seven letters to 7 different churches, so we have John writing one letter to 7 churches. I believe it is also for seven different church ages in history that each church represents. The book has its own divine outline in verse 19, that says the things that you have seen, ( the resurrected Jesus), the things which are,(church age to present), and the things which shall be hereafter, the future. The book is taught in three different ways in churches today-as an allegory-meaning a story to be interrupted with a moral or political message only, as an historical book-that these things have already happened and taught from a literal interpretation. I believe it is to be taught literal as past, present and future truth. I may not be able to give the meaning of everything in this book but God will through His Spirit guide us as we study.

  • Daily revelation day 1

    Chapter 1:1-3

    So let us read this chapter one through the first three verses today.  

    1: 1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants--things which must shortly take place. And He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John,

    1: So he begins with the statement that this is the unveiling of Jesus Christ which God gave to Him and Jesus gave to John by an Angel. Jesus gives this revelation to each of us that believe so that we might have hope for the future and not fear. He says things that must shortly happen and you say Larry it has been 1900 years what is up with that? Remember God is sovereign, and He sees things differently than us and yet we are to wait on Him. This is a very predictable future prophecy in that it will happen because some of these things have already come true and nothing in this will not fail-it will happen. The word “shortly” means it will happen quickly when it does start. You can hardly find someone that does not recognize the changing world we live as quickly changing-right? We see this lining up right now in the middle east. In fact we see it unfolding all over the world. The word used “signified it” means that he gave a sign of it to John. One reason for all of the symbolism, was that this book was read by others that were out to persecute the church so it would be confusing to them. Remember if you looked at the future events as a man that lived in AD 95 how would you describe these things like a helicopter or a tank? The difficulty with this book is in symbolism but not with our dear and precious Holy Spirit guiding us.

    2: 2 who bore witness to the word of God, and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, to all things that he saw.

    1: John bore witness to the word of God –in other words he knew that this was a divine inspired Word from God. Some people say well I just don’t understand this book or that scripture but if you are hearing, studying, learning, praying, and reading for the purpose of embracing what you receive and sharing it with others, the Lord will give you continual revelation. John revealed everything he saw to you and me today and that is what God wants you and I to do –share it.

    3:3 Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.

    1: The number seven is very important in scripture-seven represents spiritual perfection or completion in the Bible. Revelation has many uses of sevens and we have seven blessings or beatitudes in this book they are Revelation 1:3; 14:13; 16:15; 19:9; 20:6; 22:7, and 22:14). So we have the first one right here, a blessing to us if we hear these words and keep them. I ask you are you willing to keep them? I will guarantee you if you keep these things written in this book it will change the way you live. In our daily devotion here please pray these things in each day.